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Urban Train 2014

January 20th 2014 04:04
After a busy year in 2013, I have shifted my attention back to the business and issues at hand - Urban Train! Please join me in the New Year as I bring you some of the hottest topics in entertainment and news, and of course some opinions too! So open your mind and admire the veridical views as you board the Urban Train!


So the list is finally finished and though not everyone will be listed, the next few articles will highlight some of the top underrated overachievers in the hip hop and r&b music industry. The individuals selected have made some major moves in their career, yet they seem to remain only slightly highlighted for their achievements in the public eye. The information provided about the individuals may shock some of you though all of the information that will be provided is noted via various sources.

1st Class Musik

January 9th 2013 21:25
The Intelligence Agency of Entertainment ended 2012 and opened up 2013 with a HOTTT, HEAVY hitting mixtape project called "1st Class Musik." The mixtape was released on December 31, 2012 and highlights the sounds of T.I.A. Entertainment recording artists, ShaDuke Da Gr8 1 (@ShaDukeDaGr81), D.D. Cain (@TheClassiik1), CountryCity, SpadeMusik, and Nutz Wit No Shellz! Get your free copy of the album by downloading the album at BANDCAMP by hitting "Buy Now", entering "0", and your email address. More new releases are dropping in February 2013, so stay tuned and connect with the brand at


Making the Mark

November 8th 2012 02:38
As all details are being lined up for upcoming articles regarding the anticipated list of UnderRated OverAchievers... Lets discuss the achievement of President Barack Obama! Many people have mixed opinions regarding the 2012 election, but once again Mr. Obama holds the title of President of the United States. Many hate to see him hold the position because of his race, others do not like him because he is a Democrat. Whatever the reason, the outcome of the election set another mark for America and gives Mr. Obama the time necessary to get our America back on top!

UnderRated OverAchievers

September 8th 2012 06:20
If we take a look around we see several talented individuals in the entertainment industry that have been around for quite sometime who are in fact underrated overachievers. From talented recording artists to actors/actresses, I'm going to take a look into to the lives of several individuals to enlighten you on some facts that you may or may not know. Stay tuned for a lineup of facts next week!!!


The Williams' sisters, Venus and Serena, have been making their mark in tennis for several years now. With Venus having five Wimbledon titles under her belt, Serena sat out to match her sister's mark this year and today she did just that!!! The Williams' sisters have now won a combined total of TEN Wimbledon titles out of the last thirteen that have taken place. Serena broke the Wimbledon record for aces in a previous win, then broke that record a few days later to set the pace towards the final competition. She also became the first female over 30 years of age to win a major competition since 1990. Immediately after the match she shared a hug with both her sister and father. So I say congratulations to the Williams' sister on all their success!

Serena Williams, Wimbledon

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Mississippi native, Gwen Stephens is defining the New Sexy in fashion with the launch of her brand, ROCK * PAPER * HEELS! The fashionable brand for the fabulous presented a sneak peek for the public on May 12, 2012 at an exclusive runway fashion show and launch party that was held at the Martini Room in Jackson, MS. You can step into new fashion by shopping at the ROCK * PAPER * HEELS Boutique online NOW!


Music Moguls of Forbes 2012

April 19th 2012 01:26
Some say that hip hop is dead, I believe that it is evolving into a futuristic chapter of swag that is about to shake the world! Forbes recognized the top five music moguls of 2012 and topping the list again is none other than Sean "Diddy" Combs at a whopping value of $550 million. Jay-Z followed banking in at $460 million with Dr. Dre checking in at $270 million. The top three were followed by rapper, 50-Cent, and Birdman both banking in over $100 million respectively. Many may say that hip hop is dead, but the numbers are proving those that think so very wrong.

2012 Forbes Music Moguls
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The T.I.A. Entertainment camp of Mississippi is about to keep your head nodding throughout 2012 and beyond. New music is about to release that will amplify your imagination and exhibit the growth of the artists of the brand. Like the brand at FACEBOOK!!! Follow ShaDukeDaGr81 and TheClassiik1 on Twitter and receive FREE DOWNLOADS, PICS, and MUCH MORE!!!

Usher's Climax

March 11th 2012 06:24
R&B recording artist, Usher Raymond has topped himself with his new track, Climax. The title gives you a sexual feeling yet it is not at all about sex. The song tells a story related to a crumbling relationship and the metaphor is one of magnificent creativity and extraordinary quality. Hands down to Usher on this one!

Watch the video

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